Introduce, metal sheet roof company.

          Maethongbai Gold is one of the leading gold business in Thailand for over 50 years. With honesty to customers and standard in pure gold, we become on top of The Bullion Association in Thailand and gained the trust of customers.


         Nowadays, the construction industry has been developing rapidly. Especially Steel Products which was developed to be easy to use, low cost, fast construction, as well as environment friendly, we started Maethongbai STEEL (MTBS),to meet the high demand of owners of buildings, homes, factories and warehouses.


          MTBS Mission is to deliver Perfect Product and Services which should satisfy the dynamic needs of the customers in order to convert their satisfaction to delight. Our strategy is to provide the most comprehensive and through solutions by constantly developing and improving the tools our customers need for their business to flourish.


             We are Supplier of Corrugated/Profile Sheets, Sandwich Panel (Roof & Wall) Z & C Purlins, Decking Sheets, Steel Hoarding, Flashing & Accessories and is dedicated to provide high quality products and technical supports in Thailand.